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Our albums are simply luxurious! Hand made in Italy, they are customizable and so darn pretty! After working with many album companies, these are the ones we are choosing for our clients, here's why!

Their customer service has been fantastic, though I don't always want to do a video chat (old school business ethics:) ) They get back to me and help fix an issue, because when you are starting out with a company it takes a bit to get the bugs worked out!

I will receive the albums within sixteen business days, from Italy!! This is amazing, and great for you because this means you get it sooner!

Did I mention they are customizable?! The colour, type of fabric and message on the cover are all up to you. I have clients match the album to their Wedding colours, for those Boudoir albums they can be your husbands favourite colour! They are hand made, by hard working men and women, that is admirable and awesome!

They are neatly packaged inside a box that is perfect for just setting on the shelf, or keeping under your bed away from children haha :) A beautiful simple white box, that contains your beautiful portraits, perfect!

I am very happy with these Album Epoca albums and I cannot wait to order yours!;)


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