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This was such an amazing showcase put on by Aradia! These women worked their buns off to put on a spectacular show! The talent in this room that night was incredible!

Hosted by Chantelle Beasley and Beau Creep, the showcase was all about empowering through pole. Men and women who on their own accord, have been building their self confidence, self worth and athleticism to put it all out there for the audience to enjoy, and did we ever! The crowd was so welcoming and cheered on all the participants who were up on that stage giving it everything they had to make it a truly unique and an inspirational event!

Sometimes when you put yourself out there, you get feedback, feedback that can sometimes be negative. But one thing I learned this night is that even though some people may not agree or like what your doing, you should do what you feel is right for YOU, and not anyone else. So give yourself permission to do what you love and follow your heart, because you just may find that you are not alone and that there will be people who come into your life who truly lift you up and empower you to keep going, and you in return empower and inspire those around you!

I applaud all the men and women who got up on that stage because it is not easy putting yourself out there, but the results can be transformative. Congratulations on an include showcase and thank you for inviting me to be apart of it:)


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