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enhance your brand in 2020!

Whether it's a personal brand or your companies brand, you need to be authentic and share the truth. If you have been in business for two months, be honest about it, share your journey!

Its never too late or too early to start working on your brand. Which is exactly what I'm doing, so let's do it together! Let's make 2020 our biggest year in business by being consistent and pushing through those fears! Fears of judgment, looking stupid, or paralysis that results in doing nothing at all.

So how can we enhance our brands in 2020, here's what I know and what I'm doing!

Post, post and post some more! The more you post on social platforms the more awareness you will get for your brand.

Do it before your ready! We can be so concerned about what others think that we either post only once a week, or we post things that feel inauthentic.

Produce content that is educational, helpful or about your story. When you take away the sales pitch, people will seek you out. If every two minutes you're trying to sell something, you will lose your audience.

Branded content. When people go to your different platforms make sure it is visually consistent. You can do that with photography, text, colour, logo and a consistent face of the company.

These are all things I am doing in 2020 to enhance my brand and connect with my community. I am excited to take this challenge on and see the results, then share them back with you!


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