• Delain Witzaney

high school graduation | amanda

Amanda's super fun grad portrait session took place on her families property. A place that has been in her family for generations and is still a place they gather for family functions and connecting.

I just loved this property, to have a place for family to bring their campers, have fires, play games and connect is so amazing! Some of my fondest memories growing up are camping trips where all the cousins were gathered and we could just run around and play games! It was the best growing up and I still think of those days sometimes:)

Amanda was able to get a cap and gown from her school and we had some fun! Haha I love the genuine expressions when you are getting your clients to do silly things like jumping! I don't always get them to jump but there is just something so rewarding about these photos!! haha I think they turned out pretty great:)

Thank you again Amanda for including me in your celebration of graduation congratulations!


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