• Delain Witzaney

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day!

I Love Love and I Love seeing all the lovely people out there sharing their love with each other on this super fun holiday! Haha

Valentines Day for me is a day to celebrate where your at in this moment of your journey, whether that's in a relationship with a partner or yourself, I think there is something so amazing in celebrating where your at right now and not focusing on what you feel like your missing out on.

I will be spending this Valentine's Day with my two little loves, my four year old and soon to be three year old boys, and I am thrilled! I have a special dinner planned and treats just for them, to shower them with my love and appreciation. I do this every day I am with them, but I also love tradition and celebrating the good I have in my life, and these two little men are so important to me, I would do anything to show them just how much I love them!

I wish you all an amazing day filled with Love and spreading that Love to those closest to you! Happy Valentines Day:)


2020 goal, updated family photos haha these two are so much bigger now!

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